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Oct 24

The Great Challah Bake

The following recipe is one of the best and easiest I’ve discovered. I have made it using different types of flours and they all turn out well: regular wheat, whole wheat, white spelt, spelt pastry, whole spelt, and a mixture of different flours. I use demerara sugar instead of white, and sometimes add honey for extra sweetness. My children are now so “spoiled” by my homemade challah that they complain when I purchase challah from the store.

Sep 21

Amazing Rosh Hashanah challah

On Rosh Hashanah, sweet foods traditionally grace the holiday table. The challah, or special egg bread, served on Rosh Hashanah is no exception. And there is nothing more heavenly then warm, home-baked challah dipped in honey, especially when it also contains luscious golden raisins. If you’ve never made challah or any other type of bread, now …

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