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Jul 30

Fish—and more fish

One day, as a not-so-young bride, I decided to make my own gefilte fish for our Sabbath table. Inspired by stories from those better versed in the traditional Jewish kitchen than I, I went to the market and purchased…a whole, fresh carp. Dead it was. But, cleaned and gutted it was not. Beheaded it was …

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May 28

Cheesecakes then and now

Regency cheesecakes

Who doesn’t love cheesecake? This delectable dessert has been served up as part of Georgette Heyer’s fictional Regency dinner menu, and even Jane Austen—who in her novels was not given to describing the dishes served at table—wrote of the popularity of cheesecakes in a letter to her sister Cassandra that has been preserved for posterity: …

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