Obsessed with Georgette

Devorah Asher is blessed with beauty, brains and a great collection of Georgette Heyer novels. What 30-year-old Devorah doesn’t have is one of the most highly prized commodities in her Orthodox Jewish community—a husband. Even when an eligible man does appear on the scene, she fumbles the opportunity by falling off a chair…and landing in Georgette Heyer’s Regency England.

She is taken under the wing of the very rich and very charming Duke of Ravenscroft, who suspects that Devorah is Jewish, just like his tenant, Jonathan Whyteman, and that therefore she would make Mr. Whyteman the perfect wife. First, though, the duke needs to enlist Devorah’s aid with fending off the advances of the very persistent Lady Albinia Brinkburn.

While the world thinks the duke is planning on marrying Devorah, she is slowly becoming attracted to Mr. Whyteman. But it’s the wrong place and the wrong century. So even though she has finally found The One, how can she straighten out this convoluted match?

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